Android vs. Apple

Android vs. Apple – Why Apple is winning in fast innovation?

The biggest names in the technology scene are Apple and Android devices. Together, they account for 99% of the smartphone platforms available. But what they don’t share is the level of innovation. Apple is the first name to come to mind when one thinks of class and the latest smartphone flagship features. Apple products are seemingly faster, more reliable, and more composed. So why is Apple leading the innovation race: 

No Rush

Unlike Apple, Android manufacturers are always racing to be the first ones to launch a new feature or make a revolutionary device. They often do, but while they get the title of being progressive, most of these features seem half-baked.

Apple takes its time to develop its products. The result is finished products with great features that are properly integrated into its ecosystem. This ensures Apple avoids any misfires or embarrassing missteps. With so many alternatives, Android devices always need an edge to stand out.

It’s always a numbers game for android devices, and their launch schedules bring devices with the highest or fastest or largest component or a never-before-seen feature. Apple, however, takes its time to get things right rather than using customers as test subjects. Android devices usually have too many ideas to evaluate and prioritize effectively. Apple doesn’t jump in on every great idea; they take time to refine an idea before sending it to market.

Apple runs its race

Apple only competes against itself. No other company designs devices to run on iOS. Once you get into iOS, their ecosystem is tightly-knit, and no other options offer the same benefits as the Apple ecosystem. In applications like the App Store, where iOS users can find apps and games, it has the best selection of apps with the advantage of being strict on quality. Despite improvements, it’s no hard task to find ad-ridden spammy apps on the Playstore on Android. 

Since Apple doesn’t share iOS, it has no risk of cross-platform compatibility issues with other devices like Android devices. Apple products and features are designed to serve a unique niche that makes it easier to ensure each feature or product works perfectly on each generation of Apple devices. However, they don’t need to strong-arm other OEMs into allowing a part so that users can use both devices.

One notable difference comes with system upgrades. Android devices take much longer for updates because OEMs have to customize the update and roll it out to their devices. Apple devices don’t have this limitation, making it easier for Apple to test, roll out, update and remove features with no issues.

Masters of execution

Apple product launches always pack a punch, and the results are usually astonishing. Apple has always had clearly defined recipes and definitions of success. Their supply chains quickly recover from issues, their marketing is always on point, their chatter is careful and poised, and their books look good. 

Despite having the most expensive devices, Apple products are always advertised as worth the money. The rise in demand ensures they have the largest piece of the pie. Their dominating market share keeps investors coming and affords them the financial weight to innovate and create better products. As a result, Apple now has the fastest processors on any device, the most rigid security policies, and a reliable ecosystem that ensures every device is in sync with the rest.

A refined innovation strategy

From the time of Steve Jobs, “The Walled Garden” has always focused on one path; creating the best product for the customers. Apple designers are known to design without restrictions, build different product iterations, and then spend months perfecting the final product. Managers understand what they want from the new products and communicate them effectively and clearly. Their creative meetings & production meetings culminate in an organized development process from mockups to the final product.

Unlike other platforms, Apple isn’t hung up on numbers; their design process is people-first. Their intention to develop products with a focus on improving users’ lives makes their products an easy recommendation. Android platforms struggle to be on top of the pack. Their difference in mentality and motivations makes it hard to define a single innovation strategy to rule them all.

Apple’s corporate culture and innovative thinking translate to its rigorous employee selection process, ensuring they hire the best talent. They hire smart people and give them the creative freedom and flexibility to design and innovate products that change the world. 

Apple will always lead until Android manufacturers find a way to pool their efforts.

David Peter

David Peter is an editor for HotAppleNews, he is a tech enthusiast and an avid Apple fan for the best part of a decade. David Peter brings you the latest news, big announcements, leaks and rumours of everything Apple-related. He has reviewed and tested thousands of devices and worked with leading tech brands. In his spare time, David Peter likes to play footy and Xbox with the boys to unwind.

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