The Best Budget iPhone to Buy in 2021


If you are tight on your budget but you want to buy an iPhone then buying a phone from the iPhone XS series will be perfect for you. The iPhone XS series was launched in September 2018 and it has been almost two and half years since the release of the phones. Since the iPhone XS series is a bit old the prices of the phones are quite low.

There are three phones in the iPhone XS series which are iPhone XR which is an entry-level phone. Then comes the iPhone XS which was the updated version of the iPhone X. And finally the iPhone XS Max which was the first Max phone introduced by Apple. iPhone XR is the phone with bigger bezels as compared to iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max because of the display used in the phones. Check out our picks for the best iPhones.

What are the phones available in the XS Series?

Apple introduced three phones in the iPhone series in 2018 which are iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max. The main target for Apple with iPhone XR was to release a cheap Apple phone which backfired. All the iPhone XS series phones come with an A 12 Bionic chip which was designed and manufactured by Apple.

The iPhone XS had a screen size of 5.8 inches which was the same as the iPhone X. iPhone XR comes with a 6.1-inch screen and iPhone XS Max comes with a 6.5-inch screen. Only the iPhone XR has an LCD whereas the other two phones have an OLED display. Both iPhone XS and XS Max come with a dual camera with a big image sensor whereas iPhone XR comes with only one camera. iPhone XR has an aluminium body and the iPhone XS and XS Max has a stainless steel body. Check out iPhone X vs. iPhone XS.

Why are iPhone XS and XS Max still relevant in 2021?

The best thing about the brand Apple is that all their phones are future-proof. So even if you are buying a phone or a cheap apple watch which was released 2 years ago, all the technologies will still be up to the mark. If you are buying an iPhone XS or XS Max you will never feel that the technology is outdated because with the help of one update all the software will be up to the mark. The A12 Bionic chip from Apple is also very powerful and can handle any applications available today. If you are thinking of buying an iPhone XS series phone then now is the time.

How much will the iPhone XS series phones cost in 2021?

The iPhone XS series is now not available on the Apple official website but you don’t have to worry about a warranty because Apple will be providing a warranty with the phones. There are few sellers available online who still have iPhone XS series phones available with them. Users will be able to find an iPhone XS 64 GB as low as $369 which is a great price. The price of an iPhone XS Max with 64 GB storage will be $429. iPhone XR is still officially sold by Apple and will cost about $299. Upgrading the storage in all the models will increase the pricing by almost $100. The highest storage option will go as high as 512 GB.

Is the iPhone XS series available in stores now?

The answer is both Yes and No. The iPhone XS series is not available at the official Apple store now but there are sellers like Walmart and Amazon who have it in stock. If you are looking to buy an iPhone at a very cheap price then the iPhone XS series phones are just perfect for you. The phones are all equipped with powerful processors which make them a great buy at such cheap prices. If you are a huge tech guy and like to stay updated with all the latest technologies, this phone is not for you.

Buying an iPhone is something that not everyone can afford. This is the reason people end up buying older models of iPhones because they are available at much cheaper prices. If you are buying an older model like the iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max then make sure you buy a new phone because a lot of sellers sell refurbished and second-hand phones. If you are looking for a phone that will have the biggest battery life then the iPhone XR is the one for you. With iPhone XR the only thing that you need to compromise with is the LCD it comes with.

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