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The Apple Watch is now in its sixth generation, and it is undoubtedly one of the best smartwatches on sale today. That said, there is always the important matter of price to sort out, and this is the hurdle that prevents most people from owning this impressive piece of tech. What if I told you there was a way to own your dream Apple Watch but for cheaper? That’s right, it’s possible to bag yourself an affordable Apple Watch. Because why let the allure of shiny new things prevent you from owning something when you can buy it as refurbished? While you might deride the idea of owning a preowned Apple Watch, you will be surprised at the quality that goes into making a refurbished device. Indeed, were it not for the different packaging, you can barely make out the difference between a brand new and a refurbished Apple watch. But when you start considering the value, buying a refurbished Apple Watch makes the most sense.

What are refurbished Apple Watches?

A refurbished Apple watch is a pre-owned device that has undergone a meticulous restoration to bring it to a saleable state. That’s not to mean that the product has gone through years of abuse. Most refurbished devices are review samples, customer returns, and trade-ins, but on the off chance that they are damaged, they are worked on by experts to bring them to as-new condition. Buying a refurbished Apple watch signs you up to the same 1-year warranty that new devices enjoy, so really, you are not missing out on much. Refurbished Apple Watches come in plain packaging with no branding to differentiate them from factory-fresh devices. During the refurb process, any defective parts and batteries are replaced to restore them to full working condition.


Cheap Apple watches you can buy as refurbished:

Apple Watch 6

apple-watch-6While it may be the latest Apple Watch on the market, you can still find amazing deals on an Apple Watch 6 if you buy a refurbished version. It is a feature-rich smartwatch that can act as a replacement for your phone, fitness companion, and regular watch. Running Apple’s new S6 dual-core processor and WatchOS 7, it claims a 20% bump in performance over the Apple Watch 5, which was already an impressive watch. It will integrate seamlessly with your iPhone and other Apple devices, which will allow you to access all your information from any of them.
The health and fitness features got a serious bump with the inclusion of features like heartbeat and blood oxygen monitory, sleep tracking, Electrocardiogram (ECG), and something you didn’t know you needed until you have it—fall assist. Its bright OLED display is paired to a 44mm or 46mm case, but you will also love the haptic feedback of the digital crown, which you use to navigate. The Apple Watch 6 has no competitor in terms of performance, efficiency, and functionality, making it an even better reason to snap up a refurbished deal.

Apple Watch SE

apple-watch-seWhen the Apple Watch 6 set out to be a premium high-performance smartwatch, the Apple Watch SE went for affordability. It effortlessly achieves this, albeit with a few concessions, but this is barely noticeable in daily use. It remains an authentic Apple watch with advanced health monitoring and fitness tracking capabilities. It is based on the Apple Watch 3 but offers a bigger screen and better connectivity. It is available in 40mm and 44mm case versions. You can go for either a GPS only or GPS and cellular version, which will allow you to send and receive messages, make calls, and even listen to music during your workouts.


Apple Watch 5

apple-watch-5The Apple Watch Series 5 was an impressive device until it was outshone by the Apple Watch 6. It is available in 40mm and 44mm case sizes and was the first Apple Watch to have an always-on display. It uses a mighty bright OLED panel which will allow auto awake from the dimmed state when it senses arm motion. It has 32GB onboard storage for all your music and files, charges wirelessly, and has IPX7 water and dust resistance rating. With the release of the Apple Watch 6 and Apple Watch SE, the prices of the Apple Watch 5 have gone down. This makes it an ideal candidate for a cheap refurbished smartwatch.


Apple Watch 3

apple-watch-3The Apple Watch 3 celebrates its 4th birthday in September 2021 but looking at it, you can say it has aged well. It has become a top-tier modern classic and remains a fitness tracking and health monitoring ace. It features IPX7 water and dust resistance, 32GB onboard storage, and a fast S3 Dual-core chip. It is available in GPS only and GPS + Cellular version, which means you can use it independent of your phone. It is a strong cheap Apple Watch especially given that it continues to receive WatchOS updates.

Buying a refurbished Apple Watch is the smart way to getting value on a handy device. As Apple releases more smartwatches, the prices and availability will keep increasing, meaning that cheap refurbished Apple watches will be the way to go to get quality smartwatches.

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