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The iPhone 11 was a major astonishment, pressing further developed innovation (specifically in the camera abilities and the handling power in the engine) at a lower cost than the iPhone XR’s cost in 2018. It consolidates a huge 6.1-inch show with a top notch feeling body, and arrives in a variety of tones as well.

It’s important that the iPhone 11 isn’t Apple’s most current cell phone – the iPhone 12 takes that crown, dispatched close by the iPhone 12 little, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

They’re quite comparable cell phones as far as configuration however have improved camera sensors, a more up to date chipset and level, not bended, edges. They’re critical overhauls somely, however the iPhone 11 is as yet on special and still worth considering.



This isn’t something we ordinarily do, however we will get right to the straightforward actuality that the iPhone 11 camera is effectively the champion element on this handset.

Apple has multiplied the quantity of focal points on proposal here: where the iPhone XR had one, opening like sensor on the back, things are substantially more pompous for 2019, with an entire window on the back containing two 12MP sensors.

Apple’s plainly going for a famous and uniform look with the iPhone 11 territory, with the Pro and Pro Max pressing a similar square focal point knock on the back.

Deep Fusion

There was one element Apple made a gigantic arrangement of at the iPhone dispatch occasion, and it very well may be what impels the iPhone to the top of our rundown of best camera telephones, or if nothing else gets it close: Deep Fusion.

This component will take nine photographs before you press the screen catch to take a snap, go through the data in each, and afterward on a pixel-by-pixel premise will choose how best to light and enhance the snap when you do take it. It was designated “frantic science” in front of an audience – and in the event that it works, we’ll be glad to oblige Apple’s depiction.

Portrait mode

With the expansion of the subsequent camera, Apple has made Portrait mode on the iPhone 11 far superior than it was on a year ago’s iPhone XR – where a year ago programming was utilized to help the iPhone realize which was closer view and which was foundation, the additional sensor gives more actual data to help.

It’s not awesome – where a scene is isolated into forefront subject and foundation, it some of the time leaves some haze around the item that should be in center (particularly with hair) yet it can take some respectable snaps.


The plan of the iPhone 11 is somewhat like that of the iPhone XR from 2018; indeed, on the off chance that you place it face-down and cover the camera, there’s almost no to show it’s another telephone by any means.

You could, maybe, tell by the new tones on offer – mint green, lilac and lighter yellow shades join the Product (RED), high contrast variations on offer this year. Yet, past that, the iPhone 11 and XR appear to be indistinguishable from the front.

On the back, things are somewhat extraordinary. We’ve spoken effectively about the unattractive camera knock on the rear of the telephone, yet the iPhone logo has likewise been moved downwards and – in another move – the word ‘iPhone’ is no place to be seen.

This is something we expected to vanish, and it could proclaim the point in the several years where we see the model number or name vanish totally vanish totally – the iPhone 12 could well be the new iPhone, as has become Apple’s training with the iPad.


Dissimilar to the greater 11 Pro, the iPhone 11 has a 6.1-inch show that utilizes LCD innovation instead of OLED, calling it ‘Fluid Retina’. That implies you will not get the wealth of shadings, nor the profound blacks and dazzling whites, that you’ll discover on handsets with further developed screen tech.

You’re actually getting a nice showcase here however, as Apple has created and aligned the screen all things considered, brilliant and sharp, regardless of just having a goal of 1792 x 828 pixels.

iOS 13, iOS 14 and performance

The iPhone 11 dispatched with iOS 13, and packs some clever highlights accordingly. We’ll get to them underneath, however first it’s important that iOS 14 is currently accessible for the telephone. This adds some major new highlights like an App Library and home screen gadgets.

The entirety of this expands on what was found in iOS 13, and the main thing we truly like with that will be that the OS presently has all the more balanced, clever smaller than usual notices. That implies that when you change the telephone to quiet, or you change the volume, the little component that springs up to mention to you what’s going on is more helpful and furthermore intelligent.

Battery life 

One of the features of the iPhone XR was that it was effectively one of the longest-enduring iPhones we’d seen, if not the longest-enduring.

We were really stressed that our testing interaction had turned out badly somehow or another, such was the astounding presentation, however it was valid – and the iPhone 11 carries on in that vein. We discovered it to be basically comparable to the XR regarding endurance, effectively enduring to the furthest limit of a functioning day in our testing.

On a low-use day we found that it waited for 27 hours – we took the telephone off charge at 8.20am, and it at last surrendered the phantom at 11am the following day when we utilized it as a compact area of interest. This was still with around an hour of video web based, some music playback, and around 45 minutes of photography tossed in with the general mish-mash.

With harder use, including a ton of application downloading and music spilling over Bluetooth, just as consistently browsing email for the duration of the day, it was dead soon after 10pm. The iPhone 11 battery life didn’t intrigue as much as that of the iPhone XR, however that is on the grounds that we’ve immediately gotten used to the way that a telephone from Apple doesn’t must have an infuriatingly short battery life.

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