An All-New Addition to the Apple Family: iPhone SE First Gen


The 1st Gen iPhone SE is a smartphone launch by the premium gadget brand, Apple. It is launched under the 9th Gen of iPhone besides the more expensive iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6s. Pre-ordering for this iPhone model began on 24th March 2016. It is also called iPhone SE 201y or iPhone SE 1. It was primarily launched on 31st March 2016 but a re-launch took place on 24th March 2017 with higher storage. For additional information on this iPhone model, go through this post till the end. 

What are the features offered by iPhone SE First Gen?

iPhone SE First Gen became so popular in the market mainly because of the distinctive features and affordable price. Read below to know more about the features: 


The outer design of the iPhone SE First Gen is very similar to the design of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5. It also has edges chamfered as matte and an interior set Apple logo made up of stainless steel. This iPhone is the same in terms of dimensions and physical size so the covers that are designed for 5S and 5 will fit iPhone SE First Gen. The colours in which it is available are space gray, rose gold, gold, and silver. 


This iPhone model was authentically built with iOS 9.3 which is supported by iPhone 6 as well as 6S. Other features offered include Retina Flash, Apple Pay, Live Photos, and Siri voice search which is turned on by default. This model has high compatibility with the IOS 13. In the 2019 keynote of WWDC, it was announced by Apple that this iPhone along with 6S plus and 6S would be supportive of the majority of features offered by iOS 13. This is inclusive of the dark node for reducing strain on the eyes, and low data using the mode to limit the background data usage. Accompanied by the 6S plus and iPhone 6S, the iPhone SE is undoubtedly the oldest model that supports iOS 13, 15, and 15. 


iPhone SE has an inbuilt Apple A9 SOC. SOC stands for System on Chip. The coprocessor is M9 motion and is supportive of nearly all field communication required by Apple Pay. It was authentically time launched with 64 GB and 16 GB internal space. It also has a 12 MP rear camera that can record 4k videos. It can also create slow-motion clips with 720 p and 1080 p. The camera doesn’t have good image stability though. 

Dissimilar to the iPhone 6s Plus and 6s, there is no 3D touch included in this iPhone model. It also doesn’t have an updated 2nd Gen touchpad or sensors like the 6s plus and 6s. It can be used to capture still photos in 6.5 MP with 1920×2412 resolution in a video recording. 


The display of this iPhone model is 4.00 inches with a resolution of 1136×640. It is very smooth and intense and is made up of anti-breakage high-quality glass. 

How is iPhone SE First Gen different from other iPhone models?

The iPhone SE First Gen shows similarity with the iPhone 5S in terms of dimensions and physical design and also has updated internal hardware which is inclusive of Apple A9 on-chip system, higher battery capacity, and a rear camera of 12 MP which can easily record 4k videos in 30 frames in one second. Similar to the iPhone 6S, this new iPhone model can be used for shooting live photos and also offers features such as Retina Flash, activate Hey Siri even when the device is not plugged into any power source. 

The SE in the name is for the special edition. However, Apple decided to discontinue this device on 12th September 2018 as they came up with the 2nd Generation of iPhone SE which is a successor of the former iPhone SE. Hence, it can be said that this iPhone model is quite similar to some other models of iPhone in a few terms whereas it is completely different from other iPhone models in other aspects. 

Cost of iPhone SE First Gen 

iPhone SE First Gen is included in the middle range by this top-notch brand. The cost of this smartphone is $299. It promises to deliver the majority of the features of Apple flagship at a very reasonable price range. 

Hence, that was everything about the iPhone SE First Gen. There were too many positive sorts of this smartphone that could outdo the negative ones. The best part is its low price because of which a lot of people who could never imagine owning an iPhone could buy one. With all features from high-end iPhone models, this smartphone has to be the most budget-friendly iPhone ever.

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