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About Hotapplenews

Established in 2016, hotapple news has been one of the best shops knows by austin locals for anything related to mobiles. Specially iphones. Situated in Austin texas, Hotapple shop provides the best refurbished iphones in right price.
Owner Ryan and Josh are college mates who have always had fascination about mobile technology. During their college years they started their gig to install softwares and get iphones repairs for the friends and relatives. After college they decided to get their service to more people by opening a mobile shop here in Austin.

REfurbished iphones for sale

Although iphones are mostly expensive then other mobiles phones that are available in the market, everyone loves to own one. Because of its look and for the ease of use, these phones has always been the #1 choice for mobile users.
But due to its technological sophistication it becomes really hard for college kids and for households to buy an iphone without a mobile data plan. And thus many tends to look for used or refurbished iphones that are sold on craiglist or on Amazon.
Upon checking we have found that both sites have their good and bad side. And the major bad side is that known of the sites provides the option for a user to check the handset before paying for it. Which is sometime leads to scam on craiglist. Thus many chooses to visit shops like ours to buy iphone in cheap.
When done and fixed right, any used or refurbished iphone can look and function like a new one without any problem at all.